Step 3: Grounding Yourself

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Step 3: Grounding Yourself

Step 3: Grounding Yourself

In this chapter, I will help you to identify what I like to call  visibility blocks and begin grounding these blocks. You will learn how to implement strategies that will guide you into a mindset for success. You will build confidence, strength, and courage to go after what you want—knowing you deserve it!

You have to remember this principle: when negative things happen, that’s not stopping your destiny; that’s a sign that you’re on your way to your destiny. Every delay, every setback and every disappointment did not, and will not, stop your dream. It’s all a part of the process.

When you have a dream in your heart and when you are able to identify your purpose and passion, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to come to pass with no opposition, no delays, and no adversity. There will be things that you don’t understand. You will have plenty of opportunities to get negative, but these are the times that it is most important to remember your purpose and your dreams.

If we take a minute to think about our own negative self-talk—both consciously and subconsciously–in a day, it is astounding! Why is it so easy for us to say something nice to someone else, but we can’t do the same for ourselves? Why is loving ourselves so hard at times? The key is to be able to identify those negative thoughts, acknowledge them, and then to immediately replace the thoughts with something positive. This is what I call thought stopping.

I cannot imagine where I would be today if I let my struggles, negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and negative reactions from people stop me from moving forward. I would probably still be in the fetal position on the floor crying. I have had to continuously “retrain” my brain over and over again through the years to remove these “cancerous” thoughts, especially when I found myself against a battle.

This is why I’m so excited for you to read the book! It is essential to show yourself compassion and to let go of negative thoughts. I am living proof that it is possible to turn off that negative mindset and to begin to believe you are enough. I can’t wait to share with you strategies that will help turn your negative thoughts into positives and get you to begin to believe you are enough!

You are enough.  You have the ability to dream any dream and follow it, and live your best life possible.

Are you wanting more?  Well, the wait is almost over!  The book will be released in just 3 short weeks!

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