Ways of Giving and Volunterring

We’re delighted you are choosing to make a contribution to the Movement.  The I Am Enough Movement helps support education, empowerment and self-confidence.  On this page, you will find opportunities for making donations to our 501c3 organization, sponsoring Movement programs in various parts of the world, and giving of your time in support of Movement fundraising events. Choose the method of giving that is right for you – and thank you, in advance!

Amazon Smile

Amazon will donate .05% to the Movement for every purchase you make! Your shopping experience is EXACTLY the same. 
Simply click the Amazon Smile image below to add the I Am Enough Movement to your Amazon account! 

Online Giving

You can make a donation to the Movement through our online donation system. A donation of any amount can be made by charging the donation to your credit card. Online donations can be made on a one-time or recurring basis (monthly, quarterly, annually). Upon completion of your donation, you will receive an acknowledgment and receipt for the amount given.

Special Gifts — Friends of the Movement

You may choose to make a generous one-time gift to the Movement and, in so doing, join our “Friends of the Foundation.” This amazingly generous group is comprised exclusively of donors who give unrestricted gifts of over $1,000. Each Friend of the Movement is given special recognition at events and on I Am Enough TV which includes commercial time and is listed on the Movements web site.

Corporate Giving and Sponsorships

Corporate sponsorships are welcome from organizations large and small. Current opportunities to sponsor Movement activities include:


Volunteers play a critical role in any not-for-profit organization. At the I Am Enough Movement members and volunteers contribute to its very soul. They bring passion and meaning to what we do and give a personal face to the help we extend.
Your help will be greatly appreciated at events conducted throughout the country. 

To believe something is possible, it starts with believing you are enough

To believe things will get better, the belief that you are enough — even if it feels distant and barely there — must be present.

Knowing you are enough is the start, the seed that takes root and grows within you, pushing you to be brave, take on the challenge or try anew.

Believing we are enough is what we all need right now. That beautiful and brave starting point that sparks ACTION, that serves as a catalyst for CHANGE.
Because we can’t officially “be” together, doesn’t mean we can’t “come” together as a community to support the important mission of the I AM ENOUGH Movement.

The I AM ENOUGH MOVEMENT is depending on this Virtual Run/Walk Event to help us get closer to opening the doors to Freedom Haven. While this is a difficult time for all of us, many women and children are in a heightened state of danger due to being confined and isolated in their homes with their abusers.

The Freedom Haven Virtual Run/Walk will take place from September 24-27, 2020.

Participating in Freedom Haven Virtual Run/Walk is a great opportunity to get outside, exercise and stand up against domestic violence in your community, be a voice for those who are suffering, and let them know they are not alone!

Register for our Freedom Haven Virtual Run/Walk and/or Donate TODAY to help us hit our $50,000 goal!