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Such powerful words, but are they true for you?

Our Story:

Founder and CEO of the I AM ENOUGH movement™ Nonprofit Organization, Megan Fenyoe has been a Licensed Mental Health Therapist for over 15 years and in 2013 found herself involved in a narcissistic abusive marriage. 

Megan felt so damaged and empty.  When she tapped into her inner being, the only message she received was “you’re not good enough.”

Megan walked away from her ex-husband in February 2018 and began her healing journey.  During this journey, she wrote on a note card why she was enough and began repeating this day after day.  Every time she thought, “I’m not good enough” out came the card.

Once Megan came to believe that she truly was enough, she began visualizing how she wanted to make an impact in this world.  On February 15, 2019, a year after walking away from her abusive marriage, Megan launched the I AM ENOUGH movement™

The I AM ENOUGH movement™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides visual coping cards for free to people all over the world.  The foundation for the movement is to give joy and help others live a life filled with more hope and happiness. 

Wanting to serve even more people, especially women affected by domestic violence, Megan made the decision to take the movement to the next level and in March 2020, Freedom Haven was born! 

To learn more about Freedom Haven click HERE 

The I AM ENOUGH movement™ is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that provides free visual coping cards to people all over the world.

The I AM ENOUGH movement™ empowers people to realize their full potential by providing free visual coping cards, outreach activities, and advocacy/educational programs that stimulate their well-being.

We believe that when people do not think they are “good enough” they will not take the steps necessary to achieve their goals. Every person must reach and maintain healthy levels of self-esteem and confidence in order to succeed. People can only do that when they unconditionally accept themselves as they are.  

The I AM ENOUGH movement™ empowers individuals to rewrite their story and shift their understanding of what’s possible by guiding them to know they are enough.

The goals for the I AM ENOUGH movement™ are:

  1. To encourage an environment of caring, healing and growth by helping people achieve their optimum potential in all phases of life, in every thought, word, and action. 
  2. To raise funds in support of health, safety and wellness initiatives that benefit individuals in all phases of their life.
  3. To establish partnerships with non-profit organizations, corporations, and local, civil and governmental agencies who provide resources to our target population 

Be honest, what would you do if you truly believed you were enough?

* Ask for what you want without fear?
* Leave a dead-end relationship?
* Stop people pleasing?
* Put your own needs first?
* Write that best seller?
* Speak up more often
* Ditch that crappy job?

Did you know that there is a world-wide epidemic going on at the moment and it’s not a physical illness?

It’s the belief that we are not enough. Most of us suffer from it even though we don’t all readily admit it. There is a lot of shame associated with not feeling like we are enough, but it’s such an insidious idea that is at the core of everything that limits us.

What causes that constant self-doubt and the self-critical voice inside your head? That’s right. That crazy lie that says you aren’t enough.

If you want to be successful, then it’s simply essential that you have healthy levels of self-esteem and confidence and you can only do that when you unconditionally accept yourself as you are. When you don’t think you are good enough you will not take the necessary steps required to achieve your goals.

Megan created the I AM ENOUGH movement™ as a way to give back. The foundation for the movement is to find joy and live a life filled with more hope, happiness, and with less worry, angst, and those nights wondering if we measure up – well, the foundation is first of all knowing in our hearts that we are enough.

I AM ENOUGH Coping Card Details:

  1. Write why you are enough on the back of your card
  2. Read your card out loud, let this be your mantra for the day. Do this for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. 
  3. Take a selfie of you holding the I AM ENOUGH card. Yes, a selfie—this is a selfie of power, of proclaiming that you are enough! 
  4. Upload your picture, using the hashtag #IAMENOUGHmovement and tag the I AM ENOUGH movement™ on Facebook and Instagram (@enough_movement_)

Repeat daily and share the love!  The cards are FREE so order plenty and share them with friends/family and/or leave them around your community!

Together we can make a difference and together we can empower people to believe they are ENOUGH!

Notice: we only ask for your physical address so we can send you your cards by mail. Your address will NOT be shared with anyone!

For information on how to partner with us or sponsor the “I AM ENOUGH movement™” please contact Megan at or (616) 460-4529.

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To believe something is possible, it starts with believing you are enough

To believe things will get better, the belief that you are enough — even if it feels distant and barely there — must be present.

Knowing you are enough is the start, the seed that takes root and grows within you, pushing you to be brave, take on the challenge or try anew.

Believing we are enough is what we all need right now. That beautiful and brave starting point that sparks ACTION, that serves as a catalyst for CHANGE.

Because we can’t officially “be” together, doesn’t mean we can’t “come” together as a community to support the important mission of the I AM ENOUGH Movement.

The I AM ENOUGH MOVEMENT is depending on this Virtual Run/Walk Event to help us get closer to opening the doors to Freedom Haven. While this is a difficult time for all of us, many women and children are in a heightened state of danger due to being confined and isolated in their homes with their abusers.

The Freedom Haven Virtual Run/Walk will take place from May 1, 2021.

Participating in Freedom Haven Virtual Run/Walk is a great opportunity to get outside, exercise and stand up against domestic violence in your community, be a voice for those who are suffering, and let them know they are not alone!

Register for our Freedom Haven Virtual Run/Walk and/or Donate TODAY to help us hit our $10,000 goal!